May 2019

Amid is a music project for Neurosis personality. The word, “Amid”, means an abstract status: the neurosis personality hides in everyone’s mind. When it reveals, people have to confront a nagetive self.

Amid wants to transfer people’s altitudes of nagetive emotions by artistic execution of daily objects. Each volume of Amid publishes a vinyl and music video about one specific negative emotion, helping the audiences review themselfes in other way and get positive energy from daily life.

The first volume talks about suffering with usage of tulip. Tulip is frequently used for many occasions. Amid hopes that people can review suffering as a form of reconstruction, a process of re-understanding ourselves.
The second volume talks about anxiety—the most common problem in modern society. When people have too many desires, they swell like a balloon which means they will easily become anxious because of their surroundings, even it's tiny . Amid suggests audience reducing unnecessary desires and releasing themselves.
The third volume tells a story about feeling isolated, like being wrapped in transparent bubbles. While sometimes it is a personal choice instead of an objective dilemma. People need to be brave, break the bubbles and get in touch with others.
Book design and other printings

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